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Since I logged off ages ago, I've been focused on keeping our family's unoccupied condos leased for Airbnb.
For those who don't know what Airbnb is please check But I'm positive you are reading this because either A: you're hosting as well B: you're considering to host C: You clicked on the wrong link.

This quickie guide is for those who already signed up to host, so I won't explain on this post as to how to sign up as host. However, I will explain how to:

Link your bank account to receive payments from Airbnb,
The core items (gadgets, appliances, cleaning materials) you will need to host like a pro.
Cleaning requirements for ingress and egress.
Other pro tips to transform you from a clueless host, to a less clueless host (like me hehehe)

A: AIRBNB > PAYPAL > Your local bank

Once signed up with Airbnb, Paypal is the default pay options to book as a traveler. The first hurdle to pass is to obtain the BANK CODE details of your local bank branch. I'm from manila btw and our bank manager had no idea what the hell I was talking about - BANK NUMBER - and all that jargon. It's not the SWIFT CODE alright! remember this tip! So, for my fellow coutrymen, here's the quick link Thank you to this guy for posting this super helpful info!
In paypal itself, its just link bank. Then bank name. Then bank account number. And lastly the mother-effin code from that site.
That will make you money, 99.99999% ! I guaranteee! just get your empty condo booked!


I ain't talking about the 40" TV or the luxurious leather couch etc, you should have all those by now! I'm talking about the internet connection, the full HD cable subscription to start off. Here's what you'll need:

1. A dual sim cheap android phone - WHY???

I'm talking cherry mobile, Myphone, etc.... This extra phone will house your super cheap LTE Smart bro simcard and your abscbn kapamilya sim. Of course you could use your Saucy Samsung Galaxy S7 active to do this. Just be prepared to swap your micro sim to regular sized sim adaptor and load at a suking tindahan. Remove the micro sim from phone, put it back to the regular sized sim adaptor. Then return to gadget then check for internet blah blah blah... This is one of the suckier parts of hosting. Deal with it. So to save you from the hassle, buy that damned cheap 1000 peso phone. Buy your smart LTE sim (50 pesos) Get your ABSCBN sim card from your Skycable installer. Stick it in this phone and MEMORIZE THE NUMBERS!!!! (I manage 5 listings so fvck my life)

2. Now that's out of the way, http://visit and hunt down this specific router Huawei LTE router. DONT BUY the pocket LTE ones! They absolutely suck and they are expensive. I got bad reviews from my guests, them complaining about poor internet service. You don't want that kind of feedback!
These routers go for P2,500 - P3,000 a piece, which comes with an external antenna. These machines are the next most important thing apart from your condo itself.
The speeds I get from these buggers range from 2.8Mbps to 19Mbps. That's sufficient for casual Facebook | Instagram | Google browsing. Youtube will tap out in 20mins. So help your guest manage their expectations about your internet service.
The cost for providing internet via Smart bro LTE is: 85pesos for 2 days. 250pesos for 7 days. 995 pesos for 30 days.
The codes for load goes like this EG: surfmax995 send to 2600. From that smart sim. Gets? If from a suking tindahan, it's surfmax995 0999 xxx xx xx .Alam na nila yan.

*PRO TIP! get a retailer sim for 250 pesos! You'll need to reload it via bank transfer. It gives you capability to remotely load you gadgets without you having to remove sims everytime! Usage scenario, I have an LTE router at a Tagaytay resthouse, how the Ffff do I physically access the simcard from there (I'm from QC, the simcard over 100Kms away). This is the savvy solution to inaccessibility OR go to your suking tindahan.

3. For your HD HBO cable, have a sky cable installer visit your condo. Be prepared to spend P3,600 for upfront install costs. You'll have 2 months of free 250pesos/mo subscription.
The next steps are annoying. When your load runs out, you have to reload your ABSCBN kapamilya sim (I dont know where to do this yet) then text them something like sky250 xxxxxxxxxxxxx to 23667. Then supposedly you'll have cable for a month. (I have to manage around 8 sims thats why I hate having one more sim! arghhh)

4. Iron and Ironing board. Easy enough.

5. Hair dryer.
Weddings. Guests need their hairdryers to prepare before the wedding for pics. You don't have one? The prospective  guest goes "oh, here's another listing that has that, I'll book in that OTHER cute condo...".  It's 600 pesos. Buy it.

6. Mattress protector. More on this on the cleaning section.

7. Tornado Mop.
Don't make circular movements while mopping silly! Use the provided tub that spins the mop for drying. You'll mop up better than a janitor in no time! optional spotify and bluetooth stereo headset suggested. Swear I do this myself! hahaha!

8. Door skirts and foam insulators on doors and windows.
Cleaning would be so frequent with leasing, that you'll hate this part about having short term leasing. By minimizing the effects of dust invading your condo, have all possible entries airtight. Buy these at Ace Hardware, they have the ACE brand which has sucky double sided adhesive but cheap. (buy extra double sided tape) and Raven which is twice the price but works as well.

C: Cleaning

BULBUL, tae sa edge ng toilet. BULBUL. regla. Ihi na hindi asintado. (pubic hair, shit stains on toilet rim, pubic hair, mestrual blood stains droplets of piss on the toilet)
This is reality. And these aren't from any family members. They are from strangers. And if you are grossed about dealing with this, your guests will kill you if you lease your unit out and let them deal with it. SO DEAL WITH IT.

Gloves. - your first line of defense from the grossness. Buy the long kitchen version of course.
Toilet scrubbers. - the u shaped one that your lola uses works best. The next useful one is the one shaped like a clothes iron.

Lots of JOY diswhashing detergent!

Disposable rags, kitchen scrubs,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

No updates in a long while....

It's been ages since there was a new post here at lincOne. By taking note of this, we have decided to... update this blogsite with new content. also, we did receive requests for help from property owners and professionals in getting their assets out to market.

Stay tuned, will be kickstarting this very soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! We wish you all peace, joy and prosperity in this new year! God Bless us all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GROWTH | Condo Turnover Punchlist

It's an exciting moment when you get a call from your Property Account Manager telling you that the condo you've just purchased is ready for turnover! After paying several 5 digit monthly payments over a course of several years, you  are about to see what you've bled and slaved for the past years - in the flesh. This an overwhelming event, more so if it would be your first time to accept a condo turnover.

Surrounded by newly painted walls, wrapped-in-plastic toilet and kitchen sinks and overly helpful turnover managers, final turnover inspection is a fairy tale affair, until the pixie dust fades and the minor but unpleasant "oversights" start showing their true colors.

Doorbells getting stuck, non-working mechanical vents and hollow-under-the-tile flooring are some of the "gremlins" we've avoided by following  this simple yet effective punch list we use before we accept a condo we've just recently purchased. It has done wonders and helped both buyer and seller meet mutual expectations.

Monday, September 12, 2011

OPPORTUNITY | 1997 Lancer for Sale - SOLD

SOLD - Mitsubishi Lancer for sale:

  • 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer 1997 EL
  • 1.3 Liter Engine - Economical to drive
  • Stock ride height, no engine modifications
  • Upgraded center console - OEM Tachometer / Speedometer with Red Needle (PHDM white)
  • Driver armrest with cover
  • 135k Mileage
  • 15' inch Lancer 2001 Limited Edition Mags with 50 series tires
  • Lancer ASTI JDM Mirage Seats
  • OEM Cupholders - Rare!
  • alarm, tint


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